How do I place the actuator correctly?

Place the actuator on clean, dry, healthy skin over or close to the source of pain and in full contact with the skin.

Do I need to use an ultrasound gel under the PainShield® MD actuator?

You do not need to use ultrasound gel with the PainShield® MD.

Will I feel any vibrations or shocks from PainShield® MD when it is on?

Other than mild warmth from the metal active element in the actuator you will feel no vibrations or shocks. Following treatment, some redness might occur in the treated area. This redness resolves on its own within a few hours.

When will I feel relief?

Pain reduction could begin as early as 30 minutes after treatment and last up to several days. PainShield® MD works by improving blood flow to muscles and tissues that are in spasm and by normalizing nerve activity.

Can PainShield® MD be used with physical therapy?

Yes. PainShield® MD is perfectly suited for use in conjunction with a program of physical therapy and can be used in between therapy sessions.

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